China Supports the construction of power transmission in Silk and Belt Project
Release time:2021-10-12
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abstract:construction of power transmission

According to the energy resource endowments of relevant countries, China actively assists the local development of hydropower, solar energy, wind power, nuclear power, geothermal and other power industries, and supports the construction of power transmission, transformation and distribution networks. 




The total installed capacity of the solar power plant project in Cuba is 9 MW, and 12.85 million kwh of clean energy power is transmitted to the power grid every year, effectively filling the local power gap. The power grid transformation project in southern Kyrgyzstan, the 500 kV power transmission and transformation project in the central region directly under Tajikistan, the 230 kV power transmission and transformation line from tamian to lasao in Laos, and the Kariba North kaifuesi power transmission and transformation project in Zambia supported by China have realized the connection of power grids within relevant countries, which has played an important role in promoting energy independence and industrial development.