Broadcast articles on electrical engineering and automation and power grid
Release time:2022-04-18
Original:Sister Yan xuekou from Wudaokou

abstract:Creators in the field of quality education,Employment scope of electrical engineering and automation

Today, I talked with Wu Shaoyu, Wu Gong, about electrical engineering, automation and power grid. I'll sort it out a little.


In the trade war, we regret to find that many bright and prosperous industries in China are not reliable, and many key equipment are stuck by the foreign side. But there is one area in China that is very leading in the world and has not been choked by people, that is the field of power.


China's State Grid has more than 20000 patents, ranking first among all enterprises in the world. At present, China's UHV transmission project, flexible DC transmission project and Nari's relay protection field are the first in the world. The world's power grid standards are basically determined by China power grid, and China Power Grid Group projects are all over the world.


China's power grid has struggled for decades from scratch, which is also a brilliant decades for power grid people. The largest number of people recruited by the power grid are graduates majoring in electrical engineering and automation. Therefore, the major of electrical engineering and automation has been popular in recent years, attracting many students to apply for the examination.


Departments in the power grid


There are mainly the following blocks in the power grid.


Electric Power Research Institute is a scientific research unit of power grid company, which mainly develops various power system analysis, protection technology, power transmission and transformation technology, new energy and other technologies related to power. The electric power research institute is similar to a doctor.


Dispatching is the brain of the power grid. It adjusts the power grid system by collecting all kinds of information to make the power grid operate safely and stably.


Operation and maintenance is the daily operation and maintenance of the power grid.


Maintenance, including transmission maintenance, substation maintenance, cable maintenance and live line operation maintenance, which need patrol inspection, patrol inspection, etc.


Marketing, the marketing of power grid is different from that of ordinary companies. Marketing faces both customers and relevant government departments. The price of power grid is set by the state, so power grid marketing is mainly connected with government departments and large users to understand various policies and information.


Electric Power Research Institute and dispatching are the core work of the power grid, and many power grid leaders come from these two departments.

Proofreading and precautions of power grid


The school recruitment of power grid is relatively open and transparent. Generally, the power grid school recruitment is divided into two times. The first time is in autumn. The time is in November, and there are a large number of people. The second is the spring move, which is in March of the next year. There are not many people.


Power grid recruitment is divided into two examinations. The first is a written examination and the second is an interview. The written test is relatively easy. As long as you have studied carefully, you can basically pass it. During the interview, you should review according to your position. Because you want to do something, you must know more about it.


It is very important to recruit students at school. The national famous 985 University and the universities formerly subordinate to the Ministry of electric power industry, such as North China Electric Power University, Shanghai Electric Power University, Nanjing Institute of engineering and so on, will have some advantages. In addition, if you are employed locally, the local key universities will also be taken care of. The rest is on your own.


Secondly, if someone inside the power grid can give advice, there will be fewer detours in the work of the power grid.




Many people often ask if girls can go to the power grid? The number of girls recruited by the power grid is relatively small, but they are still recruited. In terms of specialty, electrical engineering and automation are the most recruited, followed by computer, communication engineering and electronic information.

One of the predecessors of Changsha University of technology is Changsha Electric Power College. Changsha Electric Power Institute was once a university subordinate to the Ministry of electric power industry. It mainly trains financial and accounting talents for the power grid. However, if the major of Finance and economics wants to enter the power grid, it is not necessary to study in Changsha University of technology, because the major of Finance and economics is a general major and there are no special requirements for the power system.

Employment scope of electrical engineering and automation

The employment scope of electrical engineering and automation is very wide. In addition to the power grid mentioned above, there are power generation groups. The five famous power generation groups include Huaneng Group, China Power Investment Group, Datang Group, Guodian group and Huadian Group.


The power grid is mainly used for power transmission and distribution. The power generation group is mainly engaged in power generation, and now has a variety of power generation modes such as thermal power, hydropower, wind power, solar energy and nuclear energy.


And Electric Power Design Institute. The two famous power design institutes include China Power Construction Group and China energy construction group. Their work mainly includes power and energy planning consultation, survey and design, project contracting, equipment manufacturing, etc.


There are also power equipment companies, including Guodian Nari, Hongfa, XJ electric, Pinggao group, etc. Guodian Nari's products are highly technical and eager for talents. Although it is not as famous as Huawei, its income is still very good.


The income of power grid employees is a well-off level. In first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the income of power grid employees is not too high; In the second tier cities, the income of power grid employees is above the middle; In small cities, the income of power grid employees is high locally.


In addition to the electrical industry, electrical engineering is widely used in all walks of life, such as the steel industry. When you enter this kind of company, you mainly look at the development prospect of the industry. If the development prospect of the industry is good, and electrical engineering is in a core position of the company and is very important, such work can be done.

New energy specialty

Many people ask whether the major of new energy is good. New energy majors include: wind energy, hydropower, photovoltaic, nuclear energy, etc. Many basic courses of wind energy, hydropower, photovoltaic and other majors are the contents of traditional electrical engineering and automation. It is suggested to study traditional majors, because employment will be much wider.

As for nuclear power, it is actually a good choice. In the context of carbon neutrality, countries all over the world must develop new energy. The most troublesome part of new energy is unstable power generation. Wind power will encounter no wind, photovoltaic will encounter cloudy and rainy days, and hydropower will encounter dry season. Only nuclear power is the most stable and efficient. Therefore, in the long run, nuclear energy will still develop in China. Many people are worried about radiation in nuclear power plants. In fact, the current standard is far lower than that affecting people. Nuclear power plants are safe. It's just that the workplace is more remote.

How to choose?

In the live broadcast, parents asked a lot of questions. Is it better for the electric power research institute or the Provincial Bureau? Is it better to go to the Meteorological Bureau or the power grid? Is it better to go to the three major operators or work in the power grid?

The words of the staff were very good. Power grids, meteorological bureaus, companies and so on have their own characteristics. Where you go, you can't just look at your income. But to see their own goals, their own characteristics, to see which company is more in line with their own characteristics and can have good development, which is the most important. As for income, although it is more important, sometimes it is more important to have a sense of achievement when you can do something, give full play to your strengths, and do some business.

In addition, some students want to work easily and don't go to the grass-roots level. Wu Gong said that in fact, from the perspective of people's growth, it is good to go to the grass-roots level. Only when you go to the grass-roots level and understand all links, can you become an expert.

The heartfelt words of the past people hope to inspire parents.