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Release time:2022-09-07
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abstract:Wenzhou Brand products international cloud Exhibition Platform: Electrical online B2BPlatform: www.wziep com CCPIT Wenzhou,Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce




Launching ceremony: 14:00-17:00 on September 20, 2022

Online pairing: RCEP special sections: September 21-25, 2022, a total of 5 days;other international sections:September to November

Online display: September 21, 2022 - March 25, 2023


Wenzhou Brand products international cloud Exhibition Platform:

Electrical online B2BPlatform: www.wziep com



Guiding units: China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of Machinery and Electronic Products, China Electric Appliance Industry Association, China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association

Sponsor: China Council for the promotion of international trade of Wenzhou, Chinese Secretariat of RCEP electric industry cooperation committee, Wenzhou International Chamber of Commerce, Yueqing Council for the promotion of international trade, Zhejiang Electric Industry Association

Co-organizers: Zhejiang Circuit Breaker Association, Wenzhou Electric Industry Association, Yueqing Electric Industry Association, Yueqing power transmission and Distribution Industry Association, Yueqing Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Federation

 Organizer: Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd., Electrical Online,WIEP B2B platform


In order to implement the requirements of the central government on unblocking the domestic and international double circulation, realizing the efficient operation of domestic and foreign trade, building an industrial docking platform of online, offline, domestic and international linkage, helping export-oriented enterprises grasp the new opportunity of RCEP, and promoting the high-quality development of our city's electrical industry, "2022 Zhejiang Brand Electrical and Power Industry Match-Making Online Meeting" will be held in September. This online exhibition will last for two months.


Press conference

Industry Big Shots’ Dialogue: Development Prospect of Electrical Industry under new opportunities of RCEP

 Content and schedule

 ● launching ceremony: from 14:00 to 17:00 on September 20, the launching ceremony of Zhejiang famous electrical industry (RCEP) online exhibition was held. The main participants of the event were leaders of relevant government departments, guests of relevant industry associations, enterprise representatives, media representatives, etc.

  ● special talks: RCEP and international special talks will be arranged from September 21 to 25, 2022. 50 Wenzhou electric enterprises and no less than 50 overseas professional purchasers from RCEP member countries, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the European Union and other global regions were organized to participate in the one-to-one matching negotiation through zoom or similar media, with a total of more than 100 docking sessions.

 ● half a year online display: set up "Zhejiang famous products zone" on the home page of electric online, organize more than 80 Wenzhou electric industry enterprises to settle in, and each enterprise can upload no more than 50 product pictures. The online display time is half a year. The platform operator organizes year-round and uninterrupted online matching negotiation according to the procurement demand and the business category of the settled enterprises.

● overseas "publicity ambassadors" of China's electrical capital: recruit industry publicity ambassadors in RCEP member countries, Middle East, Southeast Asia, EU and other countries, regularly carry out this activity and Wenzhou electric industry publicity activities in relevant professional markets or industrial zones, and timely connect and match the needs of foreign investors.


Exhibition scope


Complete power transmission and distribution, high-voltage electrical, low-voltage electrical, power fittings, explosion-proof electrical, building electrical, instrumentation, power electrical, smart power, photovoltaic, wind and other new energy generation and energy storage, and other categories (button switches, wires and cables, etc.).

Publicity and promotion


Invitation of self owned purchaser

Guide the purchasers in the database

Inlet flow

Channeling search results of search tools to online exhibition projects (half a year)

Official website promotion

set up a banner advertisement on the homepage of electrics online and Wenzhou International Intelligent Electrical Exhibition Official Website (half a year)


Trade Association

Cooperate with relevant overseas industry associations and organize members to purchase

Online advertising

Place certain advertisements in Google +, Facebook, twitter and other channels

We media platform

 Use electric online wechat official account, Tiktok, Toutiao, Facebook, twitter and many other we media platforms for publicity and promotion

News report

According to the progress, use the electric online platform, cooperative institutions and media to report the exhibition results in time (real-time report)



Registration instructions


The exhibitors do not need to pay the exhibition fee this time

Registration deadline: September 10

Registration contact for Buyers:  +8613780163046whatsapp